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DNFTB Podcast Pilot: A Study Of Porn

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You hoped we were dead! Gone with the wind! Away on a magic carpet ride to oblivion! But you were wrong!

We were just plotting and biding our time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to release this auditory orgasm in your unworthy ears!

Listen to the first episode of the DNFTB podcast as Kevin the Penguin Master, resident advice columnist Auntie Liv and all-around perv Aggrey reminisce about the struggle of dial-up porn consumption and reveal exactly where to find our various porn stashes. And to top it off, we also solve the age old mystery of the Share button on streaming sites.

Abandon decency all ye who enter here!

Girl Crush (For Once)

What do you think when you see a woman do this to a red blooded male?

If that makes you think, “That’s my dream girl right there!” Then join me in setting up a Kenyan chapter for femal professional MMA fighter, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos.

At only 25 yrs of age, this lady is officially ranked as the most dangerous person without a set of bangers and mash. She gets paid to do to other women what Ike Turner and Chris Brown can only dream of. Her brutal mauling of her opponents has lead to questions if she should fight men instead.

Cris trying her hand at facial reconstruction

More on the woman of my dreams (or one of them) after the jump. (more…)