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Voting Tips

It’s finally 2012 and elections are around the corner (maybe). A lot of coverage of the presidential race in particular is about to start and their promises will probably determine the tide of the entire process. Here’s why I think they shouldn’t.

1)      The problem:  The president does not and cannot pass laws

Even if a presidential candidate makes promises that he truly means to keep, it may amount to nothing. A lot of presidents, world over, break promises not because they’re all liars but because they don’t have the power to keep them. What they mean by their promises is that “I’ll try my best to make these parliament people go along with it” When it comes to laws parliament holds all the power

Solution:  Choosing better MPs, Governors and Senators gives a better chance of success. In the end, they have more say than the president

2)      The problem:  Politics and governance don’t stay still

Things change. A good idea now might be a disaster a few months down the line. You don’t want to pick the candidate who will try keeping his promises no matter what. That’s like having a house help who you told to touch nothing until you get back and so they leave the gas running because they found it on.

Solution:  Good judgment is a lot more important than how many promises they actually keep.

3)      The problem:  It’s not about the politics it’s about the people

The most important choices a president makes are not in his politics but in his appointments After all, it’s not the president who gets to make the call in the ministries. It’s who he picks

Solution: When choosing who to vote for, observe the type of person they associate with (and not out of political necessity). The type of person a candidate values will affect who they pick for the job

A dnftb voting message.

PS: I’m the new guy. Ok- not new. It’s just my first post in ages

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