We don't bite…unless you're into that sort of thing

I’m not anti-social, just selectively social.

I was called an anti-social geek by a fourteen year old high school kid on friday.

My case wasn’t helped by the fact that when I was introd to their class my greeting response was a slight inclination of my head in form of a nod. Also, I was blasting 90s music from my (BRAND NEW) Sennheisers.

At this point, some of you may or may may not be wondering what I was doing in a high school on Monday. Well, I’m a mentor, and for some reason, the university wanted us to go to a couple high schools in the area (which just translated to all public high schools in Cairns region) and talk to them about university life and my experience in Oz so far as a foreigner. The things I do for this university…*smh* No, Pervy Perv, I have no paedo tendencies.

Now, I must say that I’m rather well acquainted with most, if not all, of the highly trained co-writers of this blog, and due to our combined mentality, or lack thereof, I decided to give that statement some thought. Am I really anti-social?

Geek, I am, no question there. Nerd…probably, though I really don’t think I read thaaaaaaaat much. Anti-social? Hell no. If I’d be anti-social, I’d end up being like Lisbeth.

Granted, socialising, like patience really isn’t my strongest suit, so I needed to come up with a compromise: selectively social.

I’m very picky with the kind of people I choose to associate with. They have to be geeks and/or nerds, be amusing and greatly lack in the sanity department. The fact that I’m esteemed enough to be a writer of this blog proves as much. I don’t like socialites; those people that know everyone and everyone knows them? I also don’t like people who are really, really good at socialising with everyone, because it makes me look anti-social, which I’m not.

My friends, in both spheres of the world, are an acquired taste. They are just the best bunch of people I’ve had the misfortune of meeting, and because we’re all socially selective geeks with a taste for the revoltingly disgusting (Pervy Perv in Kenya and Francis in Australia), we meet new people through each other. Going out and looking for new friends means socialising in the orthodox way, and I suck at that.

Even when we go out we dress in jeans and chucks. Our topics of conversation consist of who has the best rigs, how much they cost and which graphics cards are better,NVIDIA, Intel or Asus. Also, there’s the recent most disgustingly revolting thing Pervy Perv or Francis, depending on which part of the world I am in at the moment, has discovered on the interwebs.

All this considered, I promptly informed aforementioned brat that I’m not anti-social, I’m just selectively social. The deadpan tone in my voice, which she probably didn’t notice, heavily implied that there was no way in the deepest darkest, recesses of hell that I was ever going to apply my seriously lacking socialising skills on her. If, by some freaky chance, we would be compatible in terms of friendship, she’d never have uttered that statement.

Also, being selectively social is cool, bcause it deviates from the norm and embraces insanity. After all, sanity is overrated.

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  2. Bryan

    We can actually be great friends, fellow geek

    May 25, 2014 at 1:05 pm

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